My great-grandfather built schools, my grandfather owned a construction company and my dad took over it when he was old enough. My uncle, Rick, also owned a construction company, so I guess you could say I was raised in this industry. As far back as I can remember, I was on construction sites with my dad, first just picking up scraps of materials and helping haul bundles of shingles up the ladder, and later pounding nails and eventually estimating and repairing roofs and siding.


I went to college for aviation and am a pilot by training, but right after graduation I joined ABC Supply, one of the largest building materials suppliers in the country. Again, I worked my way up. Warehouse, truck driver, counter salesman, outside salesman and eventually management training taught me the ins and outs of the other side of the construction industry. I was responsible for growing existing residential and commercial roofing contractors’ businesses by educating them on all the available products, accessories and warranties. This gave me valuable insight into how hundreds of contractors run their businesses. I was able to pick up best practices and learn valuable lessons.

I was first exposed to hail damage when I was in high school and our hometown was hit by a catastrophic storm. I remember seeing how it transformed the family business and realized the unique skills required to identify, respond to and properly service a large hail-damaged area.

Later, as I started working hailstorms across the country, I had even more knowledge about the manufacturers, the materials and the industry as a whole. The insurance companies appreciated our prompt and attentive service to their clients and property owners valued our honesty and integrity.

In addition to attending frequent educational programs from industry experts and taking HAAG training, I continue to learn something new every day in this profession. It brings me personal satisfaction to run a company that lets my employees and crews make successful careers doing something they enjoy. I have a great team, and although I have to be honest and say it’s really fun to get behind the yoke of an airplane and take off on a clear day, it’s also really fun to look at the previous few months and see that we have helped hundreds of homeowners restore their properties to the condition they were in before a catastrophic storm hit.