Fast Food Restaurant, Kewaskum,
WI – Hail Storm August 7, 2012

On August 7, 2012, 1.5-inch hail hit Kewaskum, Wisconsin. After our sales representative, Ken Gillespie, canvassed and sold a replacement roof to a homeowner, the customer was so pleased with how effectively and efficiently we were able to help him through the insurance process, he asked Ken to take a look at the roof of the nearby fast food restaurant he owned.

The insurance company had already estimated the damage to the restaurant to be around $6,800, and less than $1,000 of that was to be used for roof repair. The owner had hired a contractor, who patched a few areas.


We offered to contact the insurance company and work with them to cover the cost of all the necessary repairs. The adjuster told us to call his boss, who said the only way his company would revisit the claim would be to send out an engineer to the site. We encouraged him to send an engineer and in late September, we inspected the roof with the engineer, the property owner, the insurance adjuster and an attorney.

At first sight, the engineer said the entire roof needed to be replaced at a cost of about $30,000. On the inside of the building, Bo found water damage on ceiling tile and knew that because of the type of roof system, that was an indicator that foam under the top layer of roofing had gotten wet.

The engineer maintained there was no moisture below the membrane, and even did some test samples with a very expensive moisture-detection tool. We insisted that they do a core sample, and when they pulled out and squeezed a 2-inch round sample of the foam, more than a cup of water was squeezed out, a clear indicator of long-term saturation.

The engineer encouraged the adjuster to settle with the client. The insurance company ended up paying just under $198,000 to replace the GAF TPO roof system and insulation, the ceiling tiles and the signs. Additionally, it covered repainting damaged portions of the exterior walls and repairing the damaged air conditioning unit.

Thomas B., Dubuque, IA – Hailstorm April 4, 2011

On April 4, 2011, hail damaged the asbestos slate tile roof on a beautiful home in Dubuque, Iowa. The insurance company wanted to settle on $900 of roof repairs. After we saw it, we encouraged the property owner to call for a second inspection, where we met the adjuster. He agreed with us that the majority of roof was damaged and sent an estimate that offered to replace the roof with three-tab fiberglass shingle – far below the quality of material the owner currently had on his roof – for a cost of $29,000.

We involved our partnering attorney, John Domaszek, who worked with us on our appeal to the insurance company. The claim eventually settled at $156,000 and the roof was replaced with GAF True Slate tile roof. The damaged gutters, copper dormers, chimney and a flat roof on the garage were also replaced


Hotel, Wisconsin Dells, WI – Hailstorm May 31, 2012

After a hailstorm came through Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, the property owner called his insurance company to file a claim. The initial insurance adjuster evaluated the damage at $60,000. When we inspected the property, we found significantly more damage, and worked with the insurance adjuster on his second inspection to identify all of the damage to the property. We replaced the roof with GAF Timberline shingles and replaced the gutters, siding, a small rubber roof and window wraps. Interior repairs are ongoing.


Don K., Oskosh, WI – Hailstorm July 2, 2012

American Family wanted to give the homeowner standard steel siding, rather than the franchised seamless siding that he previously had on the home. We were able to convince the insurance company that the policy covered replacement using the franchised seamless siding and the $15,200 claim was increased to $21,000.